Blind Spot

Blind Spot

How often have we heard, “Seeing is believing”? If this were true then our power to reason would become redundant. To me Believing is seeing sounds right. It forces questions and analytical thought. It promotes creativity and interesting imagery.

My friend Mitchie, who had witnessed and attended many eye related conditions and injuries, is a renowned ophthalmologist. Having also been one of the southland most renowned bachelors, the good doctor was vigilant on the dating scene, always searching for new talent, someone who might fit the bill as the elusive Mrs. Mitchie.

In the meantime, the frustrated hunter who had spent more time on blind dates than curing the sight-impaired commissioned me to paint the story of his life-on-the-prowl. The resulting effort, a 6X4 acrylic on canvas titled Blind Date Café, caused a stir. Female visitors to his waterfront lair had complained about the transparency of his blindfold in the painting. The point, of course, was that a blindfold is more of a mindset rather than an abstraction. Let me tell you, my world becomes surreal whenever I misplace my glasses, I totally panic and freak out. How will I paint? I’m strictly a visual person!

Well, Mitchie told me that the Impressionism movement was the result of artists with eye problems, whose circumstances enhanced their ability to express what they visualized in their mind.

Helen Keller said, “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.”

I’m committed to removing the blind spots in my own life by keeping my mind open and thinking more clearly.

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