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Life in the Tower of Babel

August 4, 2010 3 comments


You Never Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry

July 30, 2010 5 comments

My well overflows with ideas. My diminishing water is time.

A Comely Comment Calmly Comes

July 29, 2010 4 comments

Jamaica Jam Jamboree

July 20, 2010 4 comments

With apologies to the great one-and-only Bob Marley and the sweet Laura-Jean

It Isn’t What You Say, It’s How You Say It

July 19, 2010 7 comments

Hamlet Had it Easy

July 16, 2010 4 comments

In previous segments I’ve suffered from scattered words, scattered thoughts, and more often than I care to remember, scattered vision. Now I’m delighted to welcome Scattered Rayn, a gifted writer, adventurer and artist.

Last time I was in Copenhagen it was raining. This time it’s Rayning. Huh!

Tony Hawk Has nothing to Fear

July 7, 2010 6 comments

I broke seven limbs over the years: falling off a tree, fighting, playing soccer, bike riding and (most embarrassing) playing ping pong (broken arm in two places). Some people never learn.